England's pubs are the best places to have fun

11 Jan 2019
Photo England's pubs are the best places to have fun

For centuries, pubs have been part of the British culture. Presented as a community center or an institution, a pub always offers a warm and festive atmosphere.

It has about 1,500 pubs and one of the oldest dating back to the 11th century was the Fighting Cocks. According to surveys conducted in the country, the British drink about 100 liters of beer each year.

Pubs are the perfect place for fun. With good music, cocktails and ice-cold beers as well as good food, you can relax and have fun with your friends.

The amusements in the pubs

Pubs are not just a place to drink beer; they are also a meeting place, a place of relaxation and a kind of social center. To spend moments of laughter, sharing and fun, discover all the activities that can be seen in the pubs of England:

  • Watch a game: Most men go to pubs to watch a football and / or rugby match after work. You can comment freely, support your team and drink beers with your friends. The advantage is that even if your team has lost, each time the game ends with bursts of laughter and a "cheers" over a good amount of beer.
  • Meet people: for those who like to meet and discover new cultures, pubs are the place to expand your knowledge. It also offers the opportunity to meet a stranger with whom you can have an unforgettable time while sharing a few glasses of cider or Guinness.
  • Listen to a live music: the majority of live music takes place in pubs. In England, the appearance is not what matters the most, the atmosphere is at the top during live music. You have the chance to laugh and sip a good cocktail with the local artists.
  • Play karaoke and games: the quiz is organized especially on Sunday nights in a few pubs. The themes are varied and offer an opportunity to learn new things about England. The other games are billiards, darts, arcade games, you have a wide choice of games to have fun. For karaoke, you can sing whatever song you want during Karaoke Nights.

Traditional pubs in England

If you are planning on going out and fishing for new sensations, visit the pubs of England like The Spaniards Inn, the country's rustic pub.

Offering a romantic and warm atmosphere, it offers various atmospheres for all seasons. Lamb & Flag is also part of traditional pubs with a festive atmosphere and nights dedicated to jazz every first Sunday.

For a chance to taste the beer from around the world, come and visit the famous pub Ye Olde Miter. If you are not too fond of beer, champagne and wines are the best at the legendary The French House.

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